Why I Don’t Write Songs in Kannada, My Native Language.

Since a LOT of people ask me the question of why I don’t write songs in Kannada even though I’m a Kannadiga, here’s my answer.
I believe music is something that should express an emotion or a thought as genuinely as possible IRRESPECTIVE of the language. I’ve always used the example where I’ve said: if I’m writing a song about, let’s say, being punched in the face, I would want my song to make a listener feel as ‘punched in the face’ as possible. As closest to the emotion being expressed. THAT is what music is to me.
Now, despite being a Kannadiga, if my Kannada literature is only as good as the Kannada we speak with each other and listen to (yes I’m talking about the macha’s and ninnajji’s and the muchkondhogo’s), then the result of a song written in that Kannada will only be as good as the so-called “peppy” Kannada songs out there right now with the “heartu”s and the “lovvu”s and the “dovvu”s that passes as Entertainment. (Though I do have much appreciation and respect to certain lyricists in the Industry who have been around for a while and have been producing beautiful literary works. I’ve had the privilege of being in the presence of a few when I was little and when I used to go to film dub sessions and events with dad. )
My first language in school was English. I learnt how to speak in English and what makes the language deeply since I was little. And my knowledge with it is obviously little more than the second and third language Kannada that I learnt. I have nothing against writing in Kannada and I’d be proud to be writing in the language if I was good enough at it and if I grew up learning it at first priority.
I love Kannada. And I think I’d be disrespecting the language by not giving justice if the lyrics are half baked. I love music. I think I’d be disrespecting my value towards it by writing words that just barely reflects the emotion I’m trying to express. THIS is why I don’t write in Kannada. (Doesn’t mean I haven’t tried)
As I’ve told to many, I’m always open to collaborating with regional lyricists who follow similar ideals in music as mine. The theme songs for my college fest during 2013 & 2014 both had Kannada and Hindi productions ( http://www.soundcloud.com/MaheshMusic ) which I was a responsible part of.
At the end of the day, I believe in music as my language. Music is something that has brought more grace to all the languages by existing and has increased the importance of the languages even more. Music, is what helps me say what I want to say.
I hope this clears things up to those who genuinely ask this question out of good interest and to those who simply think they are doing our culture a favor by asking so.


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