Lady Gaga – Justin Beiber

Lady Gaga. Justin Beiber. I have no idea what their music is about but the names sure are popular. So it is a good feeling when one of my songs get included in the Top 5 list alongside these names on Tha Artist Network.

Here is the Facebook post and you can visit their website to listen to the song.

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The Relationship

Times have changed so much since when I was little. People used to listen to music so much more differently. That was when music was about discovering and exploring. I remember the first time I was exposed to Western Music, probably around 10-12 years ago, I think the song was “Open Your Heart” by Westlife ( Oh yes, we all got to start somewhere huh? Smile ), I tried to find and listen to all the other songs by the band ( and I did! ). There is a sense of joy in discovering something that is so new to you yet feels like you are and have always been a part of it. Amazing what music can do. But hey, that was then. Now, music has grown to become something that you use to do nothing more than entertain yourself. People don’t explore anymore. I recently came across a blog post about how the concept of an album is dying and it quoted Bob Lefsetz saying

We’ve turned into a nation of grazers. And the artist’s job is to constantly be at the smorgasbord. Not to deliver one big meal that is picked at and thrown away, but to constantly provide tantalizing bites to the public.

Bob’s got a point you know. The world has become so impatient. People are looking for a song that will give them a kick, that will entertain them for the few minutes that they use to listen to it and then, be done with it; move on to the next song that will do the same. The world has become so impatient. That is not what music is about. It shouldn’t be.  Music is about laying people down, making them think, changing their lives, giving their own life a meaning. Yes, the entertaining part is also what music is about too. But it shouldn’t be the only part.

I don’t say that this applies to everyone. There are a lot of people out there who take music more deeply. Musicians themselves are the obvious examples. But even then, there are still many others who want to derive some meaning out of their life; make some sense of the what, why and the how. Music is where they turn to. And when they cannot make any sense at all, music is what makes them go to their serene place.

I want my music to do exactly that. To be part of one’s life, big or small, without actually knowing them ( at least initially )  is such a special relationship. It’s amazing what music can do. If you are one of the ones I’m looking for, then I will try my best to find you and build that special relationship.

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A song that I just finished – New Plan

Hello everyone,

I’m glad that this is my first “blog” post here. I only wanted to share with you a song that I recently wrote and felt very deeply about.  There is nothing much to show in terms of recording quality but what the hell. This song is about doubt, of me reaching my goals in life ( musical goals in large ).

You see, I’ve been doing music for quite a while now and it’s been hard for me to swallow that I’ve not progressed much in terms of having good equipment or putting out good recordings or regularly doing gigs. Yes I’ve had some good moments but I’ve more or less stayed in the same phase of “getting there”.

The good news is that I’ve gained a stronger relationship with songwriting. Every time I sing this song, I feel uneasy. I feel deeply impacted with what it has to say. In a way this uneasiness makes me glad that songwriting allows me to be honest. I’ve gained one of the biggest gifts in life. I’ve also begun to take and accept the flaws in my writing more openly and naturally and to allow these mistakes to add to the song in terms of honesty.

Once again, please don’t mind the quality. Please listen through earphones or loud speakers if possible. *makes puppy face* :)

Words of infinite minds
surround me
movement has called it a night
but I’m here

Waiting for meaning to
mean something else and somethin new
illusions and dreams, they deny what is real

Is it a game that we’re playing
or is it a way that you’re saying
that I need a new plan

This war I’m in,I’ve tried all I can
to fight with
all my weapons of mind
yet I’m here

Losing myself in defeat
turning my every need
into the dream of a night
that haunts me

Is it a game that we’re playing
or is it a way that you’re saying
that I need a new plan

Oh yes there were times
it seemed like destiny was mine
everything was right, everything was right with my life

Is it a game that we’re playing
or is it a way that you’re saying
that I need a new plan

Do I need a new plan for me