For the song “All I Need” from the debut EP, Beyond the Door

Jim Gallelli, Songwriter & Musician, USA says:

Mahesh – strong song. Great guitar work. I really liked the phased sound you gave your guitar.


Rod Chandler, Musician, USA says:

Nice job Mahesh. I’d pay money to sit and listen to you play guitar and sing. Very good song.


Pascal Desbiens, Songwriter & Musician, Canada says:

Mahesh, You have that ‘magic touch’ for making ‘last all day in my head’ songs!

For the song “Towards the Edge” from the debut EP, Beyond the Door

Tom Hoffman,Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentlist, USA says:

What deal did you have to make wih the devil to end up with that kind of soulfull blues delivery…..jeez! Outstanding delivery!


Jan Hutchinson, Songwriter, UK says:

I keep saying this but you really are the James Morrison of Bangalore


Carrie, Songwriter, USA says:

You have such a smooth voice. The little things you do to stretch your vocals, then to bring them to that soft place, the twists, the dives…it’s just so…refreshing to hear.


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